In 2017, TBS hired Grandesign to build their own island to celebrate the premiere of season 2 of Wrecked. Not only did we build it, we sailed it down the pacific coast directly to fans, influencers, and the show’s cast.

With over a month of stops and seven different activations, the island became an oasis for over 3,600 castaways.

To build the island, Grandesign started with a 6,000 square foot steel barge, and transformed it into an interactive oasis in 6 days. The island contained a living ecosystem of trees and foliage, 15 tons of real sand and a 20′ airplane fuselage.

A bar was hosted by Millers beer and Mountain Dew. Fan onboard were treated to various activations: mechanical boar ride, mini golf, skeeball, coconut tree climb, search and rescue photo booth and a coconut engraver.

I was a key player in pitching the concept and helping it come to life. Over a span of five months, I rendering the island and helped come up with what was going to be on it. I also designed all the collateral and marketing materials used by TBS.



What I Did

Concept Ideation | 3D Modeling | Graphic Design

Renderings Presented to the Client

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