Ice Cream Citadel

During my time at Hadley Media, we worked with Blizzard Entertainment on the Ice-Cream Citadel at Comic-Con 2017. A walk in freezer would be retrofitted into the Lich King’s throne where guests would be able to sample liquid nitrogen ice-cream as well as take a photo on the 7′ throne. I was heavily involved in the team that concepted and pitched the initial idea to Blizzard. Once the project was sold through I oversee all the creative elements that went into it including design, layout, renderings, working with key art, etc..

Several months of layouts and renderings were done to ensure the final build looked and “felt” like it came straight from the video game. I worked closely with out fabrication team to ensure what was rendered looked as similar as possible as it would in real life… and it was.

The exterior was made out of repurposed wood and hand painted to look and feel like a 1960’s ice-cream shop. Inside, a combination of layers, lighting, plexiglass, bead foam and wood were all utilized to give a very cold and exciting look. The throne was modeled of key art and rendered in Sketch-Up 2017. Swords, medical light poles, skulls and other fun elements were utilized all though out the activations. This was a fantastic project to be a part of and is one I am really exited to share.


Blizzard Entertainment

What I Did

Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Set Design

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