Blizzard’s Ice-Cream Citadel

Blizzard Entertainment’s Ice Cream Citadel at Comic-Con 2017 is one of my favorite projects by far.

This activation, which was located inside the Petco Park Interactive Zone, allowed fans to step inside the Lich Kings Frozen Throne for some ice cream and a photo. This event marked the launch of a new expansion pack for the popular card game: Heartstone.

We used an industrial freezer to cool the room to 30 degrees. Inside, fans could grab a scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream and take a photo on top of the King’s throne. I was given the task of designing an old time ice cream parlor that has been taken over by the Lich King. Inside, I helped created an environment which resembled the pre-launch art work provided by Blizzard. With help from Grandesign producers and our fabricators, we used a combination of professional lighting, sound and bead foam construction to give fans the sense they were actually inside the game!

It may have been the 90+ degree weather, but there was a constant lines throughout Comic-Con for this activation. The creative flexibility and trust Blizzard had in me is what makes this project so special.


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Concept Ideation | 3D Modeling | Graphic Design

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